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GASP! @ EWE was the first project we developed together in Matson, where we had been working and developing projects over the past 4 years.  We worked with Nadiyaa, Daisy-May & Remaar, alongside the staff and community members visiting the space, to create 2 exhibitions over the 4 month period of our first test project.

The Ewe Space is a creative community hub in Matson, Gloucester, we are supported by GLCommunities, Gloucestershire Gateway Trust, Gloucester City Homes and Create Gloucestershire.  We catalyse positive change through activities and events to support wellbeing, creativity, community training and development opportunities.  We are currently developing what we offer at the space and will be making some changes to create a more cosy, relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

The Ewe Space is supported by GLCommunities, Gloucester City Homes and Create Gloucestershire.

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