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Thank you for registering!

Things to remember

  • You might want to bookmark this page to remember it all, and we will keep adding to it

  • Any questions, email Kazz at who's helping with coordinating artists for GAWP.​

  • We're mostly on Instagram and Facebook - we highly recommend doing collaboration posts with us, so more people see the post. Find the FAQ for more info.

  • Bring : tables, gazebos and signage if you have them. If you don't have them, either get in touch with us to see if we can help or ask friends and neighbours!

Suggestions for your stall/table/display

  • We highly recommend a chair or a picnic blanket to sit on! For the Art Car Boot, bring cash for getting food from the food trucks

  • Bring a cash float so that you can accept cash payments.

  • Bring clear price labels so that buyers can see your prices quickly 

  • Find a waterproof cover for your artwork if the weather takes a turn

  • Maybe bring a friend to take the load off

  • Team up with someone else's stall so you can share ideas and transport


Practical Things


  • For the Art Car Boot, the Podsmead HUB has facilities - it has two toilets, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor. The HUB will be open for the whole day, serving drinks and food.

  • For taking digital payments - none of us have had a problem with mobiile signal in either areas but we still suggest you have back up options (eg. portable battery charger). There may be a chance of using a local wifi connection but we highly recommend that you either have enough mobile data to use internet for the whole day, or teaming up with someone else who can provide you with a hotspot connection. We also suggest that you bring some cash float in a secure bag as a back-up, just in case.


  • You should receive copies of your images with our GAWP text "I'm taking part in..." so that you can share it online. Add it to your website, social media, events page... 

  • We'll be sharing the event information with local and national publications, but it's always great for individuals to do their own stuff. 

  • Share the Facebook events from our page (it's handy for events because you can save the events to your phone's calendar, and get reminders) -

  • Instagram - Collaboration posts are great at the moment for getting more people to see a post (find our FAQ at the bottom of this page for info about doing one with us). Also, you can "add a reminder" for an event when you're creating a post. It then gets added to your profile, and if someone selects it then they get a notification reminding them about that event. So it's another way to get people's attention.

  • Flyers - always fun

  • Direct emails/messages to people about what you're taking part in- we find a text is often the best way to get someone to engage, so give it a go. 

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