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Podsmead Hub :
Luke Smile

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Listen to local resident Jade talk about growing up in Podsmead and spending time at the Hub

About the Art

The Podsmead Hub is at the heart of Podsmead, hosting and leading a wide variety of services and activities for the local community.

We asked the community for ideas for an inspirational phrase for the Podsmead Hub. "Bring a brighter day", suggested by a local resident, reflects the desire for positive change in the area, as well as the feeling of growth and change that's going on in the Hub itself. 

Luke Smile is a British artist known for his unique and eye-catching typographic murals and studio pieces. He was selected for his bold and punchy style, and positive message. His work brightens the area and instils a sense of pride in the community.

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Scott Ave, GL2 5BD

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On the hub

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About the Artist

Luke Smile is British artist and designer, known for his captivating typographic artworks that explore interesting compositions and perspectives. His studio works combine traditional sign writing methods with spray paint and hand-cut stencils, achieving heavily textured yet precise arrangements.

Luke’s lettering explores many different styles, however Smile Sans, his most frequently used lettering is recognised worldwide. The bespoke font has a hollow-like quality where the 3D areas of the letterforms leave space for bold colour and texture whilst casting interesting shadows.

Despite studying Graphic Design at Ravensbourne and working as a designer, Luke nearly pursued a career in music before focusing full time on his art practice. He uses phrases that are influenced by lyrics that ‘speak to him’ whilst listening to the many genres of music he loves.

You’ll always find his work accompanied by his signature smiley, creating a lasting impression that is synonymous with his vibrant, uplifting style.

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We are also very grateful for the support of these organisations:

*Podsmead Hub

*Calton Primary School

*Gloucester City Council

*The Crypt School

*Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

*The Venture Community Hub

*The Friendship Cafe

*Play Gloucestershire

*Gloucestershire Community Rail Partnership

*King’s Square Management Team

*Gloucestershire Heritage Hub

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