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Kings Square
: Jussara Nazaré

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[audio launching March 2024]

About the Art

Jussara Nazaré is a São Tomean born, Portuguese raised multidisciplinary freelance Designer, stylist, illustrator, make-up artist and photographer based in Gloucester.

This piece was painted live at our GAWP! weekend in King’s Square in September 2023, where she sketched and painted all these brightly-coloured features.


It is inspired by the spirt of Gloucester, with input from other young creatives working at JOLT. Jussara’s passion for design and supporting local arts through her energetic and colourful creative approach comes through in her artwork.

Google Map

Kings Walk, Gloucester GL1 1RX

what three words ///seated.trials.bowls

On the row of shops by Janes Pantry. May move to Jolt Studios in the future.

Coming soonGAS Projects
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About the Artist

Jussara Nazaré is an Independent Multidisciplinary Artist and Designer.

"I take inspiration from natural elements merged with expressionist colours and patterns in my art, with my graphic design and advertisements. I take pride in my quirky style as it opens my mind to understanding the world, people, plants and how far I can take my abilities."

Find the Word Walk

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We are very grateful for the support of these organisations to make GAWP WORD WALK possible:


*Gloucester City Council

*Podsmead Hub

*Calton Primary School

*The Crypt School

*Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

*The Venture Community Hub

*The Friendship Cafe

*Play Gloucestershire

*Gloucestershire Community Rail Partnership

*King’s Square Management Team

*Gloucestershire Heritage Hub

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