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Art Market

23rd September 2023 : Kings Square Gloucester

Art Market at Kings Square.jpg

What took place

  • Perfect weather and big crowds!

  • GAWP @ THIS - Graduate exhibition in an empty shop

  • GAWP KEEP - Installation of a massive castle created by GAWP Young Creatives

  • National Artists showcasing participatory and playful art 

  • Art Market stalls from local artists and creators

  • Live Painting for the GAWP Word Walk

Thank you to everyone who took part and came along!


GAWP! Keep is a playful modern take on Gloucester Castle Keep, designed by GAWP! Creatives : a group of brilliant young artists who are interested in making Gloucester a more playful and creative city. 


They have been meeting with us with the support of the lovely Gloucester library space and staff, to help us design the GAWP! weekender.  Rather than having a stage they thought it would be a good idea to have an interactive structure for people to engage with at the event.


Whilst researching into King's Square, they came across the mosaic found under the square, recreated in the image by Phill Moss, we though it would be fun to merge these two historical pieces together, with the shape of the keep and the mosaic on the floor.  We loved you helping us to recreate a modern-day mosaic on the castle floor!


We love the GRC Scrapstore and wanted to use fabric from them to cover the castle to keep in with our ethos of using recycled material wherever possible, we wanted something bright and playful.  The theme of the square is the Severn Bore and this fun shell fabric ties in with the shells in the flowerbeds at the square. They also had lots of it, which was the biggest challenge as the castle was rather big!



Do you want to smell a perfume that has been formulated to attract spirits and ghosts to the wearer as an aid to creativity?


Do you want to have a go at making paper? Do you want free toast? Do you want to know how to make an orchestra out of pens and pencils? Do you want to see art made of cereal!?


Then GAWP! at our pop-up exhibition in Kings Square on Saturday 23rd. For one day only these art pieces, along with lots more fun and interactive works made by recent graduates from Bath, Bristol and Gloucester, will be available to view free of charge from 10am-4pm. Don't expect quiet spaces and white walls....


Come speak to the artists, have a play, get involved or just have a GAWP. We can't wait to see you! 

Hunt & Darton : The Punch, The Sandwich, The Cake

The Punch, The Sandwich, The Cake - an epic collaboration in three parts. 


We want to make and share a meal with you.


Join deadpan, live art duo Hunt & Darton to become part of this spontaneous mass collaboration. Unite with your new found teammates to make a fruity punch, a tasty sandwich and then of course to a massive eight tiered cake!


Each item is joyfully and efficiently(!) made by people joining a production line and taking responsibility for one element of the whole. Maybe you are in charge of buttering, or the garnish, maybe you get to squirt the cream on the Victoria sponge or simply keep the chain moving.


The result - food & drink we all share together in a lovely celebration of us. Time to roll your sleeves up and get involved, the more the merrier. Absolutely no skill required! 

HUNT&DARTON-by-Christa-Holka-9Aug19-105 copy.jpeg


Feeding the soul with this musical journey to release and revitalise.

Kareen joined for the Art Market in Kings Square with a specially-crafted mindful DJ set to keep us all chill. Kareen is a Mindful Change Coach with years of experience, workshop facilitator, and Mindful DJ. 

Kareen is also the host and faciliator of Things that make you go MMMMM... Music, meditation, movement and mindfulness.

A festival style wellbeing experience for women with a warehouse vibe. For something a little different, that’s sure to leave you feeling lighter, freer and more in tune with yourself and others.

[image from Cast Rooms]

Calmify from Cast Room.jpg

Ali Brown : The Cabinet of Compassion

The Cabinet of Compassion is filled with objects and interactions to inspire kindness and compassion. Take a permission slip, then leave one too. Explore the Badges of Kindness. Find your heart glow and leave inspired after listening to a Pep talk made by 8 year olds. 

Ali Brown
Ali is an artist, connector and creative permission giver.
She makes projects to celebrate hidden but powerful, everyday things – like kindness, compassion and courage. Ali’s work is intended to help you rediscover your innate creativity and contribute to a creative kinder world. Over the last decade, Ali has worked with hundreds of people witnessing first hand how creativity is a tool for wellbeing; a tool to support you to know, like, and trust yourself.

cabinet of compassion unnamed (3).jpg
GAWP Weekender graphics.png
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