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2023 Artists

Visiting Artists : 23rd Sept

GAS Projects invited national artists to bring a participatory idea to the Art Market on 23rd September 2023 in Kings Square.

Hunt & Darton : The Punch, The Sandwich, The Cake

The Punch, The Sandwich, The Cake - an epic collaboration in three parts. 


We want to make and share a meal with you.


Join deadpan, live art duo Hunt & Darton to become part of this spontaneous mass collaboration. Unite with your new found teammates to make a fruity punch, a tasty sandwich and then of course to a massive eight tiered cake!


Each item is joyfully and efficiently(!) made by people joining a production line and taking responsibility for one element of the whole. Maybe you are in charge of buttering, or the garnish, maybe you get to squirt the cream on the Victoria sponge or simply keep the chain moving.


The result - food & drink we all share together in a lovely celebration of us. Time to roll your sleeves up and get involved, the more the merrier. Absolutely no skill required! 

HUNT&DARTON-by-Christa-Holka-9Aug19-105 copy.jpeg

Ali Brown : The Cabinet of Compassion

The Cabinet of Compassion is filled with objects and interactions to inspire kindness and compassion. Take a permission slip, then leave one too. Explore the Badges of Kindness. Find your heart glow and leave inspired after listening to a Pep talk made by 8 year olds. 

Ali Brown
Ali is an artist, connector and creative permission giver.
She makes projects to celebrate hidden but powerful, everyday things – like kindness, compassion and courage. Ali’s work is intended to help you rediscover your innate creativity and contribute to a creative kinder world. Over the last decade, Ali has worked with hundreds of people witnessing first hand how creativity is a tool for wellbeing; a tool to support you to know, like, and trust yourself.

cabinet of compassion unnamed (3).jpg


Feeding the soul with this musical journey to release and revitalise.

Kareen will be joining us for the Art Market in Kings Square with a specially-crafted mindful DJ set to keep us all chill. Kareen is a Mindful Change Coach with years of experience, workshop facilitator, and Mindful DJ. 

Kareen is also the host and faciliator of Things that make you go MMMMM... Music, meditation, movement and mindfulness.

A festival style wellbeing experience for women with a warehouse vibe. For something a little different, that’s sure to leave you feeling lighter, freer and more in tune with yourself and others.

We can't wait to connect with Kareen and see the Calmify effect...

[image from Cast Rooms]

Calmify from Cast Room.jpg


Find this exhibition in the empty shop next to the Entertainer, in Kings Square, Gloucester.

The Exhibition

Do you want to smell a perfume that has been formulated to attract spirits and ghosts to the wearer as an aid to creativity?


Do you want to have a go at making paper? Do you want free toast? Do you want to know how to make an orchestra out of pens and pencils? Do you want to see art made of cereal!?


Then GAWP! at our pop-up exhibition in Kings Square on Saturday 23rd. For one day only these art pieces, along with lots more fun and interactive works made by recent graduates from Bath, Bristol and Gloucester, will be available to view free of charge from 10am-4pm. Don't expect quiet spaces and white walls....


Come speak to the artists, have a play, get involved or just have a GAWP. We can't wait to see you! 

Art Market Stalls : 23rd Sept

Local artists bringing a stall of creations or participatory idea to the Art Market on 23rd September 2023 in Kings Square.

Local Commissions : 24th Sept

GAS Projects commissioned 4 artists with an interest in socially-engaged art practices. Each artist collaborated with one of four city venues in Gloucester to co-create a piece of work which was displayed at our Art Car boot event in Podsmead on Sunday 24th September 2023.

Annet Richards-Binns 

Working with the Picturedrome, Gloucester

I am a creative artist, dance teacher, choreographer & workshop leader with a deep interest in the old-time folk-dances and traditions of Jamaica including Jamaican Jonkunoo.

Jonkonnu is a traditional celebration around Christmastime, with music & dance where performers parade through the streets in colourful costumes.

I have been a solo-performer of a Jamaican Jonkunoo Character ‘Pitchy -Patchy’ for over 12 years.


‘Jonkunoo & Masquerade Project’

The main aims of ‘Jonkunoo & Masquerade Project’, is to research Jamaican Jonkunoo & masquerade and gather information nationwide and globally on this performing artform.

The Jonkunoo & Masquerade Project has an initial development period during 2023, based at the Picturedrome, Gloucester.

During this time Annet will be creating a research exhibition of photos, film and costume to raise awareness of Jonkunoo with local communities. The Jonkunoo & Masquerade Project aims to inspire and educate children, young people and adults in Gloucestershire about this traditional Jamaican street theatre.

During this initial development period, Annets’ public appearances also includes a solo-performance at WOMAD Festival in July 2023 and a masquerade display/ art workshop at GAWP! Art Car Boot in September 2023.


Image credit : Annet as Jonkunoo 'Pitchy-Patchy' by James Rowbotham


Harriet Hughes

Working with Folk of Gloucester community centre

I am an emerging artist from the Forest of Dean using textile, printmaking, ceramics, painting, analogue photographic work, and film in order to explore feminist theory through an illustrative visual language. dolls are often the subject stepping in for actual women in the works narrative. I’m very inspired by objects and therefore spend much of my time searching for new unusual teapots and doll parts!


I'm thrilled to have been commissioned by GAS Projects to create work informed by the Folk of Gloucester community centre for the GAWP art weekender. Grayson Perry has likened car boots to miniature museums and I want to play on this idea of history presented in an unconventional way. Expect lots of ribbons, lace and general kitsch exploring the pin manufactory history of the building, while celebrating the vibrant folk community who use the building today.

1 Play House 2023.jpg

Holly Williams-Richards

Working with The Museum of Gloucester

My work explores ideas of place and feelings of longing through the use of print, sculpture, text and curatorial practices. I look at tragedies and joys in my own life and create in their common grounds. Branching across mediums; print and sculpture, the work seeks to reference real life objects and play with ideas of fiction and storytelling in one fell swoop. Using the process of repetitive rebuilding, recreation and reassembly to create familiar objects that can be characterised as un-earthy and / or childlike. Inspired by geological and agricultural matter then redesigned and jumbled up through a playful, imagination heavy curatorial process.


Through my commission I am continuing to explore geological matter, ideas of home and place that are a central theme in my practice. Taking abstracted drawings of stones and rocks from Podsmead and connecting them up with the stories and items within the collections at The Museum of Gloucester. Through the commission I been thinking about how stories are told in small towns and the impact of local social histories on generations to come. I’ve become particularly fascinated with the idea of letter writing, secret keeping and gossip within small cities like Gloucester, thinking about how information is dispersed differently across generations but the joy of having or telling secrets remains the same.


I’m working with my friends at Capsule Solid Surface to fabricate a unique set of flatpack like sculptures that will include text engravings of local stories. The sculptures will be displayed so visitors can walk through and interacted with the 10 sculptures on an individual or collective basis.  I will also be designing a participatory activity for all ages to help people engage with the work and its core themes. 



holly williams richards rock 1 bitmap.png

Jade L A Fisher

Working with Gloucester Library

I am a photographer based in Cheltenham. My photographic work focuses on creating conversations around diversity and inclusion. I’m interested in celebrating untold stories while exploring visual representations of gender, age, and disability.


More recently I have been exploring the representation of
persons with disabilities, using my photography to raise awareness and give individuals a platform to tell their story in their own words.

Through my commission I will be continuing to explore the theme of untold stories. I will be creating an interactive photobook that documents the stories and feelings of the community that uses Gloucester Library and showcase the many different uses of the library.


Image of Bryony Moss @defeatingdisability by Jade L A Fisher

Jade la fisher 30march2023_10 crop.jpg

Art Car Boot Artists : 24th Sept

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